ADME is going to be a mobile app and marketing platform where users get paid to watch ads and fill out the advertisers’ surveys. Our goal is to provide a universal basic income for our users and bring traffic to our clients to help the raise awareness around their brands and products at an affordable price.

As we are about the start the UTO for ADME we are going to run an Airdrop campaign to increase the number of potential users and investors and to grow the community overall. We are giving away 5.000.000 …

We understand that maintaining a ledger on the blockchain requires huge amount of processing power that leads to an increased level of energy consumption. With our hybrid blockchain solution we aim to reduce the network’s energy consumption to a minimum level. We can achieve this goal with the permissioned blockchain layer.

How does it work?

Every node that is connected to the network will be operating in a standby mode. When a node receives a block it just simply validates it, adding it to the ledger, transmitting the message to the other nodes in the network and goes back to standby mode until it…

The permissioned part of ADME’s Hybrid blockchain will be built on Hyperledger Fabric (which then connects to Stellar for achieving the hybrid status), with an option for everyone to become a miner in it. There were two main reason behind building the internal blockchain on a permissioned layer:

  • To make the transaction speed lightning fast
  • To level the playing field between mining companies and individual miners

Leveling the playing field:

We aim to support individuals who have a computer at home with stable internet connection. Since the job of a miner will only be to have the node connected to the network, it does…

ADME gives equal mining opportunity to every miner who joins the network. Since the blockchain does not run on a Proof of Work consensus, the miners won’t have to compete with each other for validating blocks. Every miner would get to validate a block in each round which means that rewards are distributed evenly amongst the participants.

Miners would get ejected from the queue if they fail to be online when it is their turn to validate a block. In this case they can re-enter the queue when they rejoin the network, but they would get placed last into the last spot on the list.

The block sizes will be the same, they would contain 10–100 transactions and reward will be 2% of the block’s total transaction value. We will continuously add new miners to the system based on the network’s needs and capabilities.

To distribute blocks amongst the miners we have created a new consensus mechanism called Proof of Join consensus. PoJ will serve as a block distribution and miner organizing mechanism.

Its purpose is to organize and rank miners by the time they have joined the network, place them in a queue and based on the order, allocate them the blocks to be validated. …

ADME — besides being a Data Monetization application for the users — will also be a marketing tool for advertisers. To make ADME successful for both sides, we find it important to create an easy-to-use campaign management solution for our clients.

For this reason we are creating an Advertisement Lifecycle Management system that monitors the entire journey of every ad and provides a 360 view about the customers’ interests and ad consumption habits. The main advantage of this system lies in its transparency. Every user interaction is monitored and recorded on the blockchain, which gives unparalleled insights to the advertisers…

After evaluating the capabilities dozens of various blockchains, we have came to the conclusion that the best solution for ADME is to build it on a Hybrid Blockchain. Since there are going to be millions of micro transactions per second, we realized that the fee for each transaction would worth more than the value of the transaction, which would cause the entire business model obsolete.

Reasons for a Hybrid Blockchain Soultion

We are always looking at the best interest for the users and for the customers and for this reason we think, that the best is to build ADME’s internal blockchain on Hyperledger, that connects to…

Upon registration we will ask to validate your identity (to eliminate fraudulent activities) and to provide demographic data about yourself that will used by the advertisers to target you with ads. Your data will be split to two groups: Private and Public datasets.

Private Data Protection

We take serious security measures to protect your data. Your private information will be encrypted in a hidden folder on your phone without any access to third parties. …

We have designed a highly incentivizing referral system to exponentially increase the number of users. Our plan is to reward those who got it early and are showing interest in popularizing the Dapplication. If you are an influencer, content creator, or have a huge number of followers you can easily multiply your basic income with a 100x. If not, with some work you can get to that level as well. With this system we want to gamify the marketing industry. …

Our main goal is to give back as much money as possible to the users for their data. We believe in the sharing economy and want to fight against the big tech companies who are making shittons of money from their user’s data. The only difference between ADME and them is that we will use the tokenized ecosystem to share the profits with our users.

How does it work?

Users are being targeted by the advertisers based on their data that they provide about themselves. Each time an ad is watched a smart contract is triggered that distributes the tokens between the users and…

ADME Official

ADME will be the first Hybrid Blockchain application, that aims to help people sell their data and to earn cryptos by watching ads.

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