ADME’s Hybrid Blockchain Solution

After evaluating the capabilities dozens of various blockchains, we have came to the conclusion that the best solution for ADME is to build it on a Hybrid Blockchain. Since there are going to be millions of micro transactions per second, we realized that the fee for each transaction would worth more than the value of the transaction, which would cause the entire business model obsolete.

Reasons for a Hybrid Blockchain Soultion

We are always looking at the best interest for the users and for the customers and for this reason we think, that the best is to build ADME’s internal blockchain on Hyperledger, that connects to a public Blockchain via Stellar. The transaction fees on Stellar are astronomically low, thus even if the token price reaches $10 the transaction fee, the price would still be feasible. The token conversion from the HLF blockchain to Stellar will be instant, as the permissioned blockchain settles all internal transactions instantly. This way we can combine the best features from both worlds (opened and permissioned blockchain) and create an innovative application that will be a trailblazer in the industry.

P.S. Mining capabilities for A tokens will be added later on.