Lowering the network’s energy consumption

We understand that maintaining a ledger on the blockchain requires huge amount of processing power that leads to an increased level of energy consumption. With our hybrid blockchain solution we aim to reduce the network’s energy consumption to a minimum level. We can achieve this goal with the permissioned blockchain layer.

How does it work?

Every node that is connected to the network will be operating in a standby mode. When a node receives a block it just simply validates it, adding it to the ledger, transmitting the message to the other nodes in the network and goes back to standby mode until it receives another block from the distributing engine. Since in the controlled environment servers are not competing with each other for block validation, there will be no need for increased energy consumption from the central processing unites and the energy usage of the servers will be held on a minimum level. With this solution the network’s energy consumption will be at a fraction of bitcoin’s, while validating twice as many transactions.