Building an ARME

ADME Official
2 min readDec 9, 2020

We have designed a highly incentivizing referral system to exponentially increase the number of users. Our plan is to reward those who got it early and are showing interest in popularizing the Dapplication. If you are an influencer, content creator, or have a huge number of followers you can easily multiply your basic income with a 100x. If not, with some work you can get to that level as well. With this system we want to gamify the marketing industry. You will receive detailed statistics about the performance of your ARME and you can monitor see how many ads they have watched.

How does it work.

When you invite your audience and they join with your referral link, you will get paid 1–5% after the ads your referrals watch, however it is tied to the number of ads that you watched. Each time and ad is watched a smart contract is triggered, which distributes the tokens between you, your user and ADME. The payout percentage depends on the number of registered users. The revenue sharing mechanism is the following:

Level 1 (<10.000) — 1%

Level 2 (10.000+) — 1%

Level 3 (100.000+) — 2%

Level 4 (1.000.000+) — 2%

Level 5 (<10.000.000+) — 3%

Level 6 ( 100.000.000+) — 4%

Level 7 ( — 5%

Example:The best way to understand the incentivizing system is through an example:

You have 100 registered referrals, at a million registered platform users level (Level 4). Each of your referrals watched 10 ads a day (at a price of 10A). In order to get the full incentive you have to watch as many ads a day as your referrals do (this case it is 10). If you watch less (5), you will get paid after 5 ads.


Ad worth: 10A

Number of Referrals: 100

Total number of ads watched: 1000

Your cut: 100A

Given the trading possibilities and the scarcity of the circulating supply we are predicting that the price of a token can be $1 by the end of 2021. By watching 10 ads and having a 100 referrals you have made $100 in a day.




ADME Official

ADME will be the first Hybrid Blockchain application, that aims to help people sell their data and to earn cryptos by watching ads.