ADME Official
2 min readDec 11, 2020

ADME — besides being a Data Monetization application for the users — will also be a marketing tool for advertisers. To make ADME successful for both sides, we find it important to create an easy-to-use campaign management solution for our clients.

For this reason we are creating an Advertisement Lifecycle Management system that monitors the entire journey of every ad and provides a 360 view about the customers’ interests and ad consumption habits. The main advantage of this system lies in its transparency. Every user interaction is monitored and recorded on the blockchain, which gives unparalleled insights to the advertisers about the audience’s reaction. Marketing managers can measure the effectiveness of their campaign with 100% accuracy.

ADME will be the cheapest marketing solution as it will reduce the customer acquisition cost to $0.50 or less.

How does it work

Finding the right audience has always been the biggest challenge for every marketer. Our cclients will be able to target potential future customer based on social and demographical user data. The user’s name will be hidden from the advertisers (replaced by their wallet key to keep them anonymus), but the public data that they provide about themselves wll be the backbone of the targeting system.

Advertisers will have two options:

  • Send a survey to the users
  • Send video ads to the users
  • Combine the survey with videos to maximize outreach

After the user have watched the ad will be redirected to the advertisers website, so essentially ADME forwards every user to the advertisers’ site and generates direct traffic. This traffic generations mechanism gives advertisers crystal clear statistics about the success of their campaign as ADME will track and measure the conversion rates.

The price of the surveys and video ads will be between $0.01-$0.5, which is way below the industrial average, which will make ADME the most competitive advertisement tool.



ADME Official

ADME will be the first Hybrid Blockchain application, that aims to help people sell their data and to earn cryptos by watching ads.