ADME’s Data Privacy and Protection

Upon registration we will ask to validate your identity (to eliminate fraudulent activities) and to provide demographic data about yourself that will used by the advertisers to target you with ads. Your data will be split to two groups: Private and Public datasets.

Private Data Protection

We take serious security measures to protect your data. Your private information will be encrypted in a hidden folder on your phone without any access to third parties. As additional security options you can select 2 Factor Authentication or Fingerprint protection (Biometric verification is on our to do list, which we want to add later) when logging into the application.

Public Data Protection

The publicly available data will be anonymously stored in the cloud. The advertisers won’t be able to locate your identity, as the only information about you that they will see in the system is the public data that you provide about yourself. This way we are providing unlimited advertisement retargeting while you get paid for watching the ads.