ADME Utility Token Offering

ADME UTO Participation Guide

ADME Official
Oct 30, 2020


Welcome and Thanks for participating in the ADME UTO. ADME’s A token is built on the Stellar Blockchain and can be traded on once the UTO is finished. We will add other Exchanges later on. Follow the steps to buy tokens:

  1. Download the Lobstr Wallet (
  2. Create an account (remember to save your secret key as you can log in with it to decenetralized exchanges)
  3. Fund your account by either sending XLM from an external exchange or buy it securely through the app (with CC or debit card).

4. Go to Assets and click on Add Asset. Type “A” or “” to the search bar and click Add next to the token.

5. Once you added, within the Asset’s window click on Trade.

6. Go to “Buy A”, Type in the desired amount, and for the price type 0.1 XLM. You will see the total cost in XLM. Click on “Buy A”. The tokens will be transferred in a few second.

To get the bonus 10% for your participation fill out the form at under the buy tokens section.



ADME Official

ADME will be the first Hybrid Blockchain application, that aims to help people sell their data and to earn cryptos by watching ads.