ADME Airdrop

ADME Official
1 min readDec 14, 2020


ADME is going to be a mobile app and marketing platform where users get paid to watch ads and fill out the advertisers’ surveys. Our goal is to provide a universal basic income for our users and bring traffic to our clients to help the raise awareness around their brands and products at an affordable price.

As we are about the start the UTO for ADME we are going to run an Airdrop campaign to increase the number of potential users and investors and to grow the community overall. We are giving away 5.000.000 A tokens (1000 A per person 200 A / task).

Complete the following tasks below to get your tokens:

  • Create a Lobstr account and add ADME as an asset (need 2 XLM) video link
  • Join the Telegram Channel
  • Follow us on Linkedin
  • Follow us on twitter
  • Comment on Bitcointalk
  • Post your Lobstr key in the Telegram channel
  • Fill out the Airdrop form at the bottom of the website

If you have any question post it at the Telegram group.

Looking forward to pay you!

ADME team



ADME Official

ADME will be the first Hybrid Blockchain application, that aims to help people sell their data and to earn cryptos by watching ads.